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A Truly Powerful Pip Extracting Machine...

Yes, I know, that maybe sounds a little over-the-top.

But listen... when you start trading using this strategy that I have been using

... you will begin to see that trading for consistent weekly results is possible
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Works Extremely Well Even if You Have No Experience Trading...

And the best part... we will use a tool to automate certain mundane task...
I’m dead serious
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There is a good chance that, because you’re reading this, you’ve also
seen a bunch of other so-called Forex “products”.

The trouble is – 99% of these products mislead you.
There's plenty of fluff with nothing much to show for.  

You’ve been fed with plenty of hype but yet in the end most offers don't come close to their promise.
What these shameless internet marketers are basically telling you is that you need someone else, or something else, to trade for you.

Listen up... I trade Forex – and I do quite well.  
It makes me FURIOUS when I see the junk these guys try to sell you.

stop wasting money on Hype!

Look – maybe I can’t stop these guys leading you down the wrong path and selling you their “rotten goods”.

But, I CAN show you the correct path – but it’s up to you whether you choose to follow it.

I’m going to show you exactly what you need to start generating consistent results every week right now!

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The Profit Taker

With The Profit Taker, you’re going to get access to...

An Unbelievably Easy Trading Solution!

In fact, this system is so simple and easy that...

  • It requires no “fancy” indicators​ and you no longer need to watch the market.
    (nothing to learn so you will have CONFIDENCE right from the start!)

  • It comes complete with Metatrader4™ Expert Advisor 
    (you will literally be up-and-running and trading within minutes!)
    - no need to learn how to calculate nor to place trades.
    We have automated this part for you based on powerful proven strategy.

  • It comes with a simple, step-by-step manual 
    (you can setup this incredible trading system within 10 minutes!)

    AND You can decide to let loose 100% FULL Auto-pilot mode or Semi-Auto Mode for more control over your trading decisions!

100% Full Auto-Pilot or Semi-Auto Mode

Still a little unsure?
That’s okay – take a look at the results produced by The Profit Taker on various Forex Pairs below.

we have created a powerful mt4 expert Advisor that works with multiple Forex pairs!

In order for an MT4 to work in most market conditions, it will first have to work across various Forex pairs. And that we have created... a true trading solution that works across several different Forex pairs. While it's important to know that our solution works with numerous Forex Pairs, it's WISE to use our EA with only one pair in one portfolio.

100% VERIFIED RESULTS by myfxbook!

Don't take our word for it. Take a look at our MyFxBook verified results.

The Profit Taker works across several different Forex Pairs very well.

Trading with 4 Pairs in this Portfolio

69.79% ROI in 5 months of trading with Low Drawdown of 20.07%!

Multi-pair Trading - Predictable Upwards Growth

87.18% ROI since Feb 2018  with Low Drawdown of 15.13%!

Would you be happy if your money is working this hard for you? Will this type of consistency help ease your cash flow?

"I know you recommend that the system is traded with conservative settings for new traders like me. 1 pair for a start...after 1 week of trading, I decided it's safe enough for me to trade several pairs in the portfolio. And for a newbie trader, the results is just crazy good! As requested, here's how my portfolio looks like now...
 Oliver K.

USDCAD - Steady, Consistent Growth with LOW Risk

The Best MT4 Expert Advisor - USDCAD

USDJPY: 28.28% since Mar 2018 with 6.63% drawdown!

This  system is really is as simple it can get. With the Profit Taker Expert Advisor, all you really need to do now is to allow The Profit Taker to do it's job...

The Last System You WILL EVER Need

This is serious, you’ve now seen proof of what the Profit Taker can potentially
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Take Your Trading  SERIOUSLY!

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You need to think like a professional if you’re going to trade like one!
What I’m offering you right now is basically a SHORTCUT solution to all your trading problems.
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90 Day Trial for only $37.97
Then your credit card will automatically be billed for a one time investment of $147.
This is for ONE MT4 Live Account only and ONE MT4 Demo Account.

The Profit Taker - ONE License 90-Day Trial

PLEASE READ Our Money Back Policy:
So that we are clear... we do not have a refund policy. Refund policies are marketer's gimmick to get you on impulse buying  and it's this very same policy that has made you give up on quickly.

We are 100% committed to our trading solution and we have full  confidence that this will also work for you with time. 

Test Us Out for 90 Days.  Fair?

This is the main reason why we provide this 90 day Trial period for you to fully understand the true power of The Profit Taker. If for any reason, you are not happy during the trial period,  please ask us to stop the automatic billing. 

We want you to understand that there is NO Refund for The Profit Taker as we want to work only with committed traders. It's that simple and we want to use this to filter our tyre kickers.

Sorry... no exceptions will be made. If you are not sure, we advice you not to proceed as we will not entertain any refund request for any reason. 

2 Mode of Trading

You can either let The Profit Taker do all the hard work for you and you enjoy the rewards or you can take charge by choosing to use the Semi Auto Trading mode...if you want more control.

High Win Ratio/Profit Ratio

This solution has produced an impressive high win ratio with an incredible profit ratio of 3.0. Win ratio that is as high as 80% with profit ratio of 3x and above. Just take a look at our results in MyFxBook...

Steady Portfolio Growth

Nothing is more satisfying that to see your acount growing daily. Watch your portfolio grow steadily every month without any manual interference. Account growth will soon turn into something you can come to expect.

Newbie Friendly

This has so far been tested on newbie traders and their results  have surpassed double digit returns per month. The most challenging part is the setup which is the easiest part in  trading. Anyone who can setup MT4 can set up The Profit Taker. 

Best to Run on VPS

For uninterrupted trading, you really should be trading on a VPS so that you do not need to turn your home computer on 24 hours a day. You can choose to run your home computer 24/5... however, best to use VPS.

Always Working For You

While you might be in cash position most of the time, our solution is always on the lookout for the next high probability trade for you. When the Profit Taker is working for you... you don't really have to work that hard anymore...

Proven Results. Steady Growth!

Steady Growth with low drawdown and no manual trading is what we do for our own portfolio and now you can too! You just have to take a close look at the MyFxBook results and you will see that this is the most consistent EA ever created. 

No Complicated Setup

You will receive an EX4 file and you just need to install this into your MT4 folder. Step by Step Instructions provided. And if you are worried you cannot fix this, then you can use our  Installation Service to setup The Profit Taker for you. Our installation service is only $49. Write in...

You are ALWAYS in Control!

If you like you can still be the one in FULL control by choosing to trade on Semi Auto Mode. You really just need to decide on the direction of the pair. That's all you do for the week. The Profit Taker takes care of the rest for you so that you can actually have a life!

Take Action Now!

Are you going to take action finally or just let this go so that you can go
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Invest in a truly powerful trading solution and start taking profit consistently.

90 Day Trial for only $37.97
Then your credit card will automatically be billed for a one time investment of $147.
This is for ONE MT4 Live Account only and ONE MT4 Demo Account.

The Profit Taker - ONE License 90-Day Trial

What if what we are telling you is all true?

You might still be skeptical. You have bought into plenty of hype before.
We understand this. This is why we show you all our MyFxBook screenshots.
We have spent thousands into development of this strategy.

Most of the development money is into live trading and we have refined
The Profit Taker to a point that it's a robust trading solution.

If The Profit Taker can do everything as shown in MyFxBook for you
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perhaps you can finally  indulge yourself in a little short vacation?

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If what we say about The Profit Taker is true, then this is the Game Changer for you.
If what we say about the Profit Taker is not true, then you lose the trial subscription.
With the overwhelming evidence from MyFxBook, The Profit Taker will perform quite well for you and me in the near future.

It will likely pay for itself in 90 days!

By the time you complete your 90 Day Trial Period, The Profit Taker would probably have paid itself off.
This is the main reason why we want you to take this test drive.

And if it does not, then stop all payment and we are cool. But it's more than likely you will want to keep
The Profit Taker after 90 days. We are certain of that.

This is a real opportunity to test a truly robust MT4 Expert Advisor that will work hard for you.

90 Day Trial for only $37.97
Then your credit card will automatically be billed for a one time investment of $147.
This is for ONE MT4 Live Account only and ONE MT4 Demo Account.

The Profit Taker - ONE License 90-Day Trial