Frequently Asked Questions

You might have questions about The Profit Taker and that's all normal. After all it's only wise to do all your ground work and due diligence to make sure that you do not waste time with all the hype and smokescreen that's out there.

Below are questions that we have compiled from emails that we have received from plenty of potential Profit Taker users. Please go through for a better understanding of how the Profit Taker might fit into your long term trading journey plans.

What's all this fuss about?
What's really great about The Profit Taker or any other EA (if it works) is that it will trade for you while you sleep or work. It works hard for you so that you don't have to work hard at your trading business. Of course, you can be rest assured that The Profit Taker does not take any trades that's outside it's rule parameter.

What is Profit Taker actually?
The Profit Taker is a fully automated trading solution that will open and close trades without your intervention. And of course, if things work out (which it normally does), The Profit Taker should grow your portfolio steadily with time. If you want more control, you can also turn on the Semi-Automated mode for The Profit Taker.

What is Semi-Automated Trading Mode?
The Profit Taker is a high probability trading system. So in the semi-auto mode, you just need to decide on the direction and The Profit Taker will take it from there. This works even if you are bad with calling market directions. If you are not confident, then just use the fully automated trading mode and The Profit Taker will serve you well.

So I don't need to know how to trade?
The Profit Taker provides a short cut to profitable trading. If you want to learn how to trade, that's always a good skill to pick up as it will serve you well. It's a lifelong skill after all. Initially, we coded The Profit Taker (from our years of trading) for it to trade for us. It has worked well for us and now we have made it available to any retail trader

about Brokers and trading platform...

What Broker do you recommend?
We have a list of brokers that we use and those are the brokers we will suggest you using. We will not suggest that you use the brokers we have not used before. However, this is a decision for you to make... 

What is the trading platform for The Profit Taker?
Currently we have Profit Taker coded only on MT4. We have not started using MT4 as we feel the improvement is insignificant.

about Results and performance...

How do I know if The Profit Taker is as good as you claim?
This is a really good question. We rather put out trading results and track record so that you can make an informed decision. You can see from our website that we don't have hype but instead we provide plenty of portfolio tracking by MyFxBook. All our portfolios are 100% verified by MyFxBook.
Click here to view our performance on MyFxBook...

What is MyFxBook and can it be trusted?
My MyFxBook is a 3rd party website that we have our portfolios connect to it so that it can extract all our trade records for you to review. To trust a website, first you must ask what's their benefit of showing you our data. They provide a service and in no way benefit if you buy or don't buy The Profit Taker. You just have to make a decision and perhaps can ask around about MyFxBook.

What is the Backtest results of The Profit Taker?
While we have conducted successful back test results for The Profit Taker, what's even more important is the live trading results which we have provided through MyFxBook. Please go to the homepage to take a look at our results. Click here to view...

Will this continue to work in future?
Of course, we cannot guarantee any kind of performance. While market conditions change from time to time, we will continuously update and improve The Profit Taker to fit market conditions. We practically no longer manual trade these days and rely completely on The Profit Taker to help us stay profitable in the Forex market. So this is an important project for us and it's to our interest to make sure that this trading solution continue to get better.

More about The price...

What's the price of The Profit Taker?
You can find the price here...this is the normal retail price that most people buy at.

Do you provide a trial period to test out the effectiveness of The Profit Taker?
Occasionally, we will have different promotion that might include a trial offer. 

What does the price include?
The Price include the lifetime use of The Profit Taker. There is no more license fee... just a one time payment.

When will I breakeven?
It all depends on the size of your portfolio. We intentionally made The Profit Taker a one time payment because we do not want you to feel that you are in rush against time. Usually when a trader feel they need to make their money back fast, that's usually when bad things will happen. So we made the pricing a one time payment so that you can take your time to make back your money paid for The Profit Taker.

Do you provide a Money Back guarantee?
While we stand 100% committed to our trading solution, we intentionally do not provide a money back guarantee because we do not want to be bogged down with paper work of refunds. If you are committed and ready for The Profit Taker, then join us. If you are not, then it's not the time yet. You can continue to monitor our trade performance and it will all make sense later for you.

One Time Payment

14 Day Trial for only $17.00.
Then your credit card will automatically be billed
for a one time investment of $147.
This is for ONE MT4 account only.

The Profit Taker - One License Trial

PLEASE READ Our Money Back Policy:
We are 100% committed to our trading solution and we have full confidence that this will also work for you with time. This is the main reason why we provide a 14 day Trial period for you to fully understand the true power of The Profit Taker. If for any reason, you are not happy during the trial period, please ask us to stop the automatic billing. We want you to understand that there is NO Refund for The Profit Taker as we want to work only with committed traders. It's that simple and we want to use this to filter our tyre kickers. Sorry... no exceptions will be made. If you are not sure, we advice you not to proceed as we will not entertain any refund request for any reason. 

What if what we are telling you is all true?

You might still be skeptical. You have bought into plenty of hype before. We understand this. This is why you see plenty of MyFxBook screenshots. We have spent thousands into development of this strategy. Most of the development money is into live trading and we have refined The Profit Taker to a point that it's a robust trading solution.

Just think about it... if The Profit Taker can do everything as shown in MyFxBook for you...

would you have to worry so much about your Kid's education? 
perhaps you can finally be able to indulge yourself in a little short vacation that you have always wanted?

And if The Profit Taker works well for several years... don't you think perhaps you might even be able to move into a new home?

More important, would it be even worth it if The Profit Taker just makes an additional $1000 per month for you?
Would that help you ease your bill payments?

The decision is yours to make... it's really a crazy no brainer now.